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I'm Charchit Gupta.

Software Developer On Permanent Beta - Learning, Improving, Evolving

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I code for a living, and take pride in whatever I do. I am on a "permanent beta", always learning new things, improving what I already know and evolving myself.
I love being involved in projects that I can be proud of, while working with an amazing team of people.
I practice and preach eXtreme Programming principles like TDD and pair programming to deliver utmost value with shortest time to market.


I am a result oriented professional as well as an adaptable team player. I like ot interact with people while sharing and learning from their experiences.

  • Fullname: Charchit Gupta
  • Birth Date: November 26, 1993
  • Job: Full Stack Developer
  • Website:
  • Email:


I have hands-on experience of multiple techologies both front-end and back-end while working in an agile environment.

  • javascript
  • React JS
  • Java 8
  • AWS
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Spring Boot
  • Kotlin
  • Node JS

More of my credentials.

I am currently developing a web-based solution for aiding sales employees of the client to effectively and easily design quotes and present the same to business customers using a web portal. Majorly used spring based Kotlin micro services to design back end and React JS with redux for front end.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Aug 2019 - Present

Suncorp Ltd., Sydney - Australia

Working as a full stack developer to build and optimize multiple applications in digital insurance sales domain.
- AAMI Car Insurance:
- AAMI Home Insurance: (Greenfield project which received 2 Suncorp Shine Awards)

Relevant Skills: React JS, Java, Spring Boot, Redux, Jenkins, AWS, Openshift, WebPack, JUnit, Jest, Splunk, etc.

Also participated and helped organising multiple technical events on both the portfolio and company level to raise awareness and share knowledge about specific technologies and have fun at the same time. eg: # AWS Deepracer - Gamified introduction to AI/ML by applying reinforcement learning techniques to robot car racing. # Lamb-day - In-house gamified introduction and competition based on serverless architecture (mainly using AWS "Lambda").

Specialist Programmer

Apr 2018 - Aug 2019

Infosys Ltd., Sydney - Australia

Worked for an Australian telecom client to develop a web based enterprise level application for its sales community which helped generate millions of worth of quotes.
Developed spring boot based microservices using Kotlin and React/Redux based single page application, hosted and managed on Pivotal Cloud Foundry PaaS. Also used PostgreSQL as the RDBMS.
Implemented hibernate based ORM from scratch.
Practiced full time pair programming (8 hours everyday) and TDD which changed the way I develop any application.

Specialist Programmer

Oct 2017 - Apr 2018

Infosys Ltd.

Developed Java based Spring micro services for integrating business components to share real time data.
Worked with Pivotal Labs to learn eXtreme Programming principles.
Developed a chatbot using an open source java library for welcoming the attendees of an annual conference (also received a special mention in key note).
Awarded by client's CIO for a case study competition to show the benefits of using micro services and agile way of working.

Systems Engineer

Apr 2016 - Sept 2017

Infosys Ltd.

Automated the induction invite process for new joiners using python and Infosys frontend automation tool.
Enhanced and monitored technical aspects of the front-end delivery for an American telecom giant.

Systems Engineer Trainee

Nov 2015 - Apr 2016

Infosys Ltd., Mysore

Scored 92% and was awarded "Top Performer".
Developed a mobile comparison app using Angular JS, Bootstrap, Java and RESTful Web services.


Bachelor of Technology

Aug 2011 - Jun 2015

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University
Formerly - Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU)

This is the place where I quenched my thirst for knowledge and experience, whether it is about the working of computers or managing just the right attendance.
Also experienced the "hostel life" which taught more relevant things than any graduate degree can.
Attended numerous workshops on Networking, Python development, Robotronics etc.
Coordinated a Networking and ethical hacking workshop and many LAN gaming events at the college.

High School

IDK - June 2011

St. Francis Convent School - CBSE

The place which gave me the friends for my lifetime and cultivated a spark of learning and innovation within me.


Check Out Some of My Works.

I like to develop small (sometimes very large - non completeable :P) assignments to keep myself busy. Please give them a look, ideas/suggestions are welcome.


I'd Love To Hear From You.

I am always open for interesting technical work/discussion. Hit me up if you are doing some super cool stuff and think that I can somehow contribute to it.

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